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Los Angeles-based and internationally published make-up artist and hair artist. I work with clients across various media, including fashion photography, editorial, events, music, and advertising. 


Specializing in beauty, fashion, and editorial makeup artistry.


When I first started making up women, I instantly felt the power of it—how it makes one feel and gives one confidence. While I was working as a make-up artist prior, my training at KRYOLAN Academy has vastly advanced my knowledge in make-up artistry, both in creative aspects of beauty and fashion, as well as in my understanding of technical aspects of make-up, from colors to details. Additionally, having the opportunity to travel the world as a freelance makeup artist has allowed me to explore and broaden my creativity and enhance my understanding of the influence and diversity of different cultures.

Having collaborated on many diverse projects, my personal experience in the fashion industry has been deeply enhanced. I have gained extensive knowledge about photography, directing and lighting and I also have developed a substantial skill in wardrobe styling and hair creations. These experiences have helped me to become a more complete makeup artist.

In addition to my work in fashion, I have extensive bridal makeup experience having made up brides throughout Europe, Asia and now in Los Angeles. These experiences have given me a broad knowledge of culturally acceptable and relevant makeup styles and practices.

As I’ve grown in the world of make-up–I have learned to appreciate the power of beauty through individuality—it is one of the great things about makeup and it can be the first step in learning to discover one’s self. I have a deep passion for beautifying and enhancing women's faces. I have an obsession with colors and I thrive when I am expressing ideas through the creative possibilities of makeup. I endeavor to motivate and inspire people around me—particularly woman—to find beauty within their own skin.

Since I began my career in makeup artistry, I have honed my skills and knowledge to provide the best possible services to my clients. As a veteran makeup artist, I take the time to understand each client’s needs and preferences, providing individualized makeup recommendations that cater to their unique features and style. I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and I am dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where all individuals can feel comfortable experimenting with makeup and exploring their own unique style.

I live life to the fullest and I believe that we all have a certain purpose in life. I believe my life's purpose is to explore and exploit life's gift of beauty.

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